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St Werburghs City Farm opens new accessible greenhouse for adults with learning difficulties

Enovert Community Trust has provided a grant to St Werburghs City Farm for a new accessible greenhouse to provide horticultural training and support to adults with learning difficulties in Bristol. The new greenhouse will provide training placements and therapeutic activities in horticulture for more than 30 adults with learning difficulties and mental health concerns, helping them to learn new skills and socialise with their peers.

The project was funded through a grant of £36,000 from Enovert Community Trust, which has previously supported the development of The Connection Centre which provides teaching space for local schools. 

Jess Clynewood, Director at St Werburghs City Farm, said: “We are indebted to Enovert Community Trust for its continued support. This generous grant has enabled us to provide a safe, accessible, fit-for-purpose greenhouse where adults with learning disabilities can learn, grow and flourish. 

“During the course of their placement, trainees learn new skills, gain new interests and grow in confidence. Our aim is to help people develop support networks and attain greater independence while making a positive contribution to their community. 

“Activities include sowing seeds, planting, weeding, watering the plants and harvesting fruit and vegetables for sale. By caring for the Farm's gardens, borders and green spaces, our horticultural placements offer people the chance to participate within their community, meet new friends and gain new skills in a relaxing, therapeutic and supportive environment."

In addition to offering horticultural placements, St Werburghs’ small working farm and community attracts more than 40,000 visitors each year. The farm enables many people growing up in the city to learn about horticulture and farm animals, and to explore and enjoy nature. The project has also created opportunities for 30 volunteers and involved the development of new signage and interpretation boards to enhance the educational impact of the greenhouse for the Farm’s thousands of visitors. 

The new accessible greenhouse is also contributing to St Weburghs City Farm’s new social enterprise project, Propogation Place, which works with volunteers to grow vegetable and herb seedlings that are available for sale to the local community and online. 

Angela Haymonds, Trust Secretary of Enovert Community Trust, said: "The Trustees were delighted to provide a grant to cover the cost of the new greenhouse installation. St Werburghs City Farm provides a fantastic community support network to dozens of local people with additional learning needs, many of whom do not attend other regular services. The new greenhouse will ensure that this support can be delivered all year round.”