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Lynworth Green tree-planting project takes root

Enovert Community Trust has provided a grant of £8,260 to fund the Cheltenham Rotary Club’s project to plant trees on Lynworth Green. 

The planting of the trees follows requests from the residents of Lynworth Place to improve the environment of the Green at the centre of their housing estate. It is part of the Rotary Club’s scheme to commemorate 100 years since its establishment in Cheltenham by planting 100 trees in the town. 

When Council funds were cut and fund-raising events were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there were fears that the project would have to be abandoned. However, the Cheltenham Rotary Club applied to Enovert Community Trust for a grant towards the project. Enovert Community Trust accepted the proposal and provided an £8,260 grant that allowed the planting to go ahead. 

A total of 21 Rotary trees, including four different flowering species of Bird Cherry, Wild Cherry, Ornamental Pear and Whitebeam, have been planted by contractor, Nature First, and will help to provide a lasting environmental legacy for the town. The residents have welcomed the project, praising the improvements to the appearance of Lynworth Green and the quality of the trees that were used. 

The trees have already improved the biodiversity of the area with residents noticing small garden birds landing in them. The grant will also provide protection for the trees during a two-year establishment period and cover the costs to replace any trees that fail to take root during this time. 

The project was organised by Sue Jenkins, a member of the Rotary Cheltenham North Club. Sue said: “For some years, the residents have been asking the council if trees can be planted around the perimeter of their green to create a visually attractive, enclosed space. The importance of green spaces has been highlighted during lockdown and this project will make the area more suited for the residents’ many uses.” 

Enovert Community Trust provided its grant through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), an innovative tax credit scheme that enables Landfill Operators to contribute money to a wide range of community and environmental projects in the vicinity of landfill sites.  

Angela Haymonds, Trust Secretary of Enovert Community Trust, said: “Outdoor spaces are so precious and this project to plant trees in the heart of a residential area really appealed to the Trustees of Enovert Community Trust. 

“Particularly heartening is the long-term impact this project will have, by establishing trees which will increase the biodiversity of the area whilst also enhancing its look and providing shade for the many activities that happen on Lynworth Green. We are pleased to have been able to contribute.”