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Innovative community enterprise for young people with additional needs receives £50,000 grant

A £65,000 project to turn a derelict building into a training centre to help young adults with additional needs find employment has been officially opened. 

Based at one of Wigan's beauty spots, The Three Sisters Recreational area, The Hamlet has been set up by Hope School and College in Marus Bridge, thanks to a grant of £50,000 from Enovert Community Trust (formerly Cory Environmental Trust in Britain). 

The community enterprise provides young adults with additional needs aged 19-25 the opportunity to train for voluntary or full-time work. Trainees run a number of small businesses on the site, including a community café, printing business and conference venue, gaining important skills and experience through work-based learning.

In addition to providing young adults with additional needs the opportunity to learn vocational skills for future employment, The Hamlet provides the community with important and valued public facilities at one of Wigan’s most popular and well-used beauty spots. 

Gemma Crompton, Head of Provision at The Hamlet, said: “We are extremely grateful to Enovert Community Trust for its generous grant, which has turned our vision for The Hamlet into a reality. With this facility we are now providing our trainees with work experience and training in vocational skills that will help them to find employment, while also delivering a valuable facility for the whole community to enjoy.” 

Angela Haymonds, Trust Secretary of Enovert Community Trust, said: "The Trustees were delighted to support development of The Hamlet. This innovative project will make a real difference, not just to the trainees from Hope School and College, who will be able to learn new skills and pursue their interests, but to the wider community by providing a much-needed resource.” 

The Hamlet is located less than three miles away from Enovert's Lyme and Wood Landfill Site in St Helens.