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Digital files of policies, permits, certificates and application forms 

You can download the file by clicking on the download icon, you may require software such as Adobe Reader to view certain files.


Document Name Download
PAS 100 Hempsted
PAS 100 Wingmoor
PAS 110 - Whole Digestate, Separated Fibre
ISO 9001 accreditation certificate
ISO 18001 accreditation certificate
ISO 14001 accreditation certificate

Credit Application Form

Document Name Download
Credit Application Conditions and Form

Customer Drivers & Crews Rules & Reports

Document Name Download
Landfill Site Customer and Drivers Crews Rules
Customer Drivers Crew Site Rules Record
Cirencester Transfer Station Customer Drivers & Crew Site Rules
Lydney Transfer Station Customer Drivers & Crew Site Rules
WSM Anaerobic Digestion Plant Drivers Site Rules
WSM Transfer Station Customer Drivers & Crew Site Rules

Landfill Site Permits

Document Name Download
Barling Marsh Landfill Site
Bellhouse Landfill Site
Greatness Quarry Integrated Waste Management Facility
Hafod Quarry Landfill Site
Hempsted Landfill Site
Himley Quarry Landfill Site
Lyme & Wood Pits Integrated Waste Management Facility
Mucking Landfill Site 
Tir John Landfill Site - Consolidated Permit
Tir John Landfill Site - Notice of Variation
Highfields South Landfill Site
Vigo Utopia Landfill Site
Wingmoor Composting Facility


Document Name Download
 Enovert Environmental Policy
 Enovert Quality Policy 
 Enovert Health and Safety Policy
 Enovert Tax Strategy
 Enovert Privacy Notice