Renewable Energy Generation

An important generator of renewable energy.

The waste management sector is an important generator of renewable energy in the UK, producing one-quarter of Britain’s renewable electricity, much of this from landfill gas.

At all of the Enovert’s landfill sites methane-rich gas, which is formed as organic material buried in a landfill decomposes, is extracted and used to generate electricity that is exported to the National Grid.

Enovert are able to safely extract gas from its landfill sites using a network of wells and collection pipes. This gas is used to power gas engines driving an alternator that generates clean renewable electricity which is then fed into the National Grid.

Enovert’s landfill sites generate enough electricity to power around 75,000 homes.

Our specialist landfill gas teams design, build and operate Enovert’s landfill gas extraction and generation schemes and also provide specialist services in this field to a number of waste management and local authority clients. Enovert’s landfill gas team have considerable industry experience of maximising renewable energy generation on both active and closed landfill sites.

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