Complaints Procedure

Enovert Community Trust is committed to ensuring it uses a fair and intelligent approach to decision-making to enable it to fulfil its obligations under the Landfill Communities Fund and also to meet its objectives. However, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your dealings with the Trust, or believe that the Trust has failed to meet the standards of service you expect, please make us aware of your problem or concern.

What you need to do

Explain the problem or concern, either verbally or in writing, to the Trust Manager, Angela Haymonds, as she may be able to resolve the matter for you quickly. Please make sure that your complaint is fully understood and suggest what you think should be done to put things right.

If Angela is not able to resolve your concerns, she will take them to the Trustees and a response to your complaint or concern will be made within 15 working days. In order to deal with your complaint, the Trustees may need to call a separate meeting to discuss the issues before responding to you.

If you are still not happy with the situation, Enovert Community Trust will invite ENTRUST, the scheme’s regulator, to take an independent review of your complaint, and confirm to you its decision on the matter.