Applying For Funding

The Trustees welcome bids to help Enovert Community Trust meet its objectives to enhance and improve the environment for communities who live and work in the vicinity of a landfill site operated by Enovert Management Limited or close to waste facilities operated by the company.

The Trust is committed to supporting community and environmental projects, such as improving community halls, creating new children’s play areas, restoring green spaces and habitats, and enhancing community sports and recreation facilities. To ensure grants are distributed in line with our guidelines and those of the Trust’s regulator ENTRUST, you must ensure your project meets two main requirements:

  • The project must fulfil one of Enovert Community Trust’s five funding categories
  • It must be located within 10 miles of a landfill site operated by Enovert Management Limited, or within ten miles of a waste facility managed by the company
  • In addition, the Trustees of ECT take into account environmental factors when reviewing applications. The threat from climate change is well documented. The Government has recognised this requires urgent action and measures are being introduced to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Going forward this will mean projects will need to be increasingly energy efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels, for example by moving away from installing gas boilers.
  • As a distributor of funding, the Trust is keen to address the challenge of climate change and reflect the policy direction of the Government. As such, even where measures are not yet mandatory, we will look favourably on projects which integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy into the design. Examples include measures such as excellent insulation and the use of air or ground source heat pumps. We consider that energy efficient installations should be considered as part of a whole building approach if possible.
  • The Trust meets quarterly.

The deadlines for applications are:

  • Deadline 1 Mar for meeting on Tue 16 April 2024
  • Deadline 24 May for meeting on Tue 9 July 2024
  • Deadline 6 September for meeting on Tue 22 Oct 2024
  • Deadline 30 November for meeting in Jan 2025 (date tbc)

Apply For Funding

If you have a project that is eligible for funding, please download an Application Form below. All projects must meet one of five categories set out on page two of the Application Form. If you would prefer a hard copy or would like to discuss the project before submitting it, please contact Angela Haymonds, Trust Secretary, Enovert Community Trust, PO Box 3138, Slough SL3 9ZH, or email:

  • To download the Letter for Applicants click here
  • To download the Application Form as a Word document click here
  • To download the Application Form as a PDF click here
  • To download the Claims Process document click here
  • Applications can be submitted via post, email or a combination of both, depending on the nature of the documentation.